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Ian Lavery under fire for claim Labour has nothing to apologise for over election defeat

Labour party chairman Ian Lavery has come under fire after issuing an impassioned defence of the party's disastrous election campaign.

21/01/2020 -


Brexit: Javid claims manufacturing won't suffer from government plan not to stay aligned to EU rules - live news

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The Labour party has refused Lisa Nandy’s request to change the format of the leadership hustings, at least for now, HuffPost’s Paul Waugh reports.

Latest party response to @lisanandy request for longer than 40 seconds for Lab leadership candidates at hustings: "The procedures committee decided to stick to the 40 seconds for this weekends hustings in Leeds and to review it again on Monday...

"The committee were anxious that the hustings fulfill the brief of giving members as much opportunity as possible to ask questions of the candidates."

Sir Keir Starmer, the favourite in the Labour leadership contest, told Sky News as he arrived for the private GMB hustings this morning this morning that his message to the union would be: “That the Labour party and the trade unions need to be shoulder to shoulder.”

I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of friends in that room and working out how we rebuild the Labour party.

The GMB has a strong tradition of promoting smart, soft left women (new MP Sarah Owen replaced the legendary late Mary Turner on the NEC until her election to parliament) and with Nandy campaign chair Louise Haigh another alumnus, it could be ‘the women-wot-win-it’. A big endorsement could provide the launchpad she desperately needs to show members she’s a heavyweight figure in this race (remember her ‘preferential strategy’ depends entirely on coming ahead of Long-Bailey, a big ask).

But the GMB’s central executive council (CEC) is made up of 55 ‘lay’ members and they’re proud of the democratic, regional structure. Although there are big Nandy fans (dubbed ‘Nandynistas’ by one party insider who shares my age and knowledge of Latin American leftists) in senior GMB posts, it’s possible that the 55 council members have picked up the same pro-Starmer rank-and-file sentiment as other unions.

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21/01/2020 -


Steve Bell’s If ... Corporal Mark Francois battles for bongs

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21/01/2020 -


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Cost of Brexit So Far

Total cost to the UK since the Brexit referendum

According to the Bank of England voting to leave the European Union has cost Britain more than £440 million a week in lost growth since the referendum.

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