Cliff Mitchell - 20/07/2018

Staffs4Europe launch JustGiving page

Staffs4Europe JustGiving page

Staffordshire4Europe are committed to making the positive case for EU membership. Our aim is to sway public opinion through the use of honest argument in order to persuade Parliament to act for the best interests of the people. Ultimately, we believe this means by MPs voting in any final decision for Britain to remain in the European Union or a Peoples Vote on the terms of the final deal.

We urgently need £1,000 to cover our fees for a stall at the annual Leek Show on 28 July 2018, printing leaflets, preparing our web site, and other essential expenses. Any contribution, however small, would be most welcome. We have now launched a JustGiving page to support our fund raising efforts. Our JustGiving page can be found here - please consider making a small donation.

We have a wide range of ages and backgrounds but share in common the fact that we are all citizens with a deep concern that the future of our region will be severely damaged by leaving the EU. Recognising, however, that we are only one voice among many, we plan to campaign closely alongside other local groups and individuals who share our aims and are campaigning for the same goal.

You can find us on the web, Facebook, and Twitter, and you can contact us.


Cliff Mitchell is a member of the Staffs4Europe steering group.
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