Mike Ottewell - 28/10/2018

Democracy is an on-going process not an event.

Letter Writing Party

Democracy is an on-going process - not an event.

Call to action for those demanding a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal

The London March was a huge success and we made history. It is now time for the next step in our campaign.

The Letter Storm – we want to fill the in-baskets of our local MPs and influential local government councillors.

We are planning to set up Letter Writing parties at various venues in Staffordshire next weekend – the 3rd and 4th of November. For those in the Staffordshire Moorlands this will be at The Foxlowe Arts Centre in Stockwell Street, Leek on Sunday 4th November 10.00am until about 1.00pm.

We have booked a room on the first floor and shall have some template letters and all the materials you need to write your own letter.

Please let us know if you would like to host your own letter writing party and we will provide all the assistance you need to make it happen.

Message: Democracy is an on-going process not an event.

The UK Government’s position on Brexit keeps changing. At first they ignored the 48 percent, who knew what they wanted when they voted Remain. After losing its majority at the 2017 general election, they acted as though the entire population were now Brexiteers. Today, the British people are being insulted by a Government trying to impose this hotchpotch withdrawal deal, which is nothing like what they were promised during the referendum. A deal which we all know will make us poorer. Diminished, not only in wealth, but also relegated from the champions’ league in terms of the UK’s global standing and influence.

We are the true patriots and we demand a People’s Vote with an option to Remain as full members of the European Union.

Make it hand written and a second class stamp

So lets us crack-on and get it sorted!

Best wishes and keep the faith.

Mike Ottewell

Please contact me on mike@staffs4europe.eu for more information on setting up your own letter writing party.



Staffs 4 Europe (North) Steering Group
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