Mike Ottewell, Chair of Staffs4Europe (North) - 12/02/2019

PRESS RELEASE - Campaigning in Stoke on Trent for a People’s Vote.

Stoke Brexitometer

Action Day 9 February Brexitometer

Divisions in our community over Brexit were once more highlighted in an updated Residents’ survey held at Hanley, the main shopping centre for Stoke on Trent, on Saturday 9 February. The survey showed that people of Stoke have very little enthusiasm for the current Withdrawal Deal as currently being reset, following talks with opposition Labour MPs.

Whilst there is still strong sentiment to leave the EU, as was expressed by the referendum three years ago, the results of this survey show that this was outnumbered by people saying that they want a second chance.  MP’s should either vote to delay the decision to leave in order to hold another referendum or revoke  Article 50 and cancel Brexit altogether.

The results were depicted graphically by a Whiteboard Brexitometer setting out the different options, including holding another General Election.

Commenting on the results for the People’s Vote campaign, Mike Ottewell said.

“Our survey sends a clear message to the MP’s of both parties. For Labour, Gareth Snell and Ruth Smeeth, you would be betraying your constituents by voting for Theresa May’s deal. For the Conservatives, Jack Brereton and Karen Bradley; this result totally contradicts statements you are making in your efforts to justify delivering on the so called ‘will of the people’ from the referendum held nearly three years ago.

“Divisions in our communities are now reflected by splits in both of the main political parties. There were strong comments made both for and against Brexit and the low level of confidence in our current politicians and their ability to handle this crisis, whilst the younger generation are feeling totally dismayed. Neither party has gained any credit.

“Our message to MPs of both parties is that they should vote for the deadline to be put back from March 29th for a further round of consultation, by any means whether this is People's Assemblies or another (3rd) national referendum.

Just put the deadline back, as the rules allow. There was no deadline specified in the 2016 referendum and so there is no question of denying the result.”


Notes to Editors

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Mike Ottewell, Chair of Staffs4Europe (North)
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