Cliff Mitchell - 14/06/2019

March for Change

March for Change

March in London on July 20th

Reunite the people. Reunite with Europe.

Finally- it’s out there! A new fully pro-EU campaign with a march slap-bang when the new PM is announced! 

Show the new Prime Minister, the country and the world that we want to stop the Brexit chaos.

We’ve had enough of politics as usual. Fixated on Brexit, our politicians have wasted the last three years. Only together, with Europe and the world, can we fix the huge issues that face us all, from the climate emergency, to schools, the NHS and the housing crisis.

We are proud of our country. We know we can do better than this. March for change.

Why We're Marching

We want to put Brexit behind us. We want to reunite with Europe.

While politicians have spent the last three years arguing about what Brexit looks like, all the issues that led to Brexit in the first place have gotten worse. Our NHS is in crisis, our schools are having to beg for stationery and we still don’t have nearly enough affordable housing.

When the UK first narrowly voted to leave in 2016, the promise was that we would leave with a better deal. 3 years later, and we could be heading for no deal at all.

We need change and we need it now.

From the climate crisis to tax dodging, we know that working together gives us the best chance of solving the global problems we face. We want to put Brexit behind us and reunite the people. Reunite with Europe. We want to build a better Britain in a better Europe and a better world.

March with us on July 20th and be part of the fight for a better future!

Who's behind the March for Change?

Britain For Europe

Britain For Europe is a non-party political organisation campaigning for continued UK membership of the European Union made up of affiliated local activist groups from across the UK.

Scientists for EU

Scientists for EU is a coalition of UK research, industry and education voices raising awareness of how vital the EU is for UK science.


InFacts is a journalistic enterprise making the fact-based case against Brexit.

NHS for a People’s Vote

NHS for a People’s Vote is the leading grassroots campaign fighting for a People’s Vote to save the NHS.

Women for a People’s Vote

Women for a People’s Vote are the women making the case for a People’s Vote.

Women for Europe

Women for Europe is a cross-party group of grassroots activists working together to protect women’s rights and keep Britain in the EU.


Avaaz is the campaigning community bringing people-powered politics to decision making worldwide.



Cliff Mitchell, Staffs4Europe with thanks to March for Change
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