Helen Grogan, Staffs4Europe - 31/08/2019

Hanley - #StopTheCoup

Stop The Coup in Hanley

Hanley Stop The Coup 29 August 2019

Staffs4Europe demonstrate at Hanley Town Hall against the suspension of parliament

On Thursday 29 August with less than 24 hours notice Staffs4Europe.eu organised a protest rally outside Hanley Town Hall in response to the PM’s intention to prorogue Parliament.

Making full use of social media with the help of our friends on the Stoke4Europe Facebook page, about 50 people (and Mia the beagle) came together and chanted Stop The Coup, Stop Boris and Bollocks to Brexit.

Town Hall DorIt was more subdued than other rallies that took place this weekend and although there were a couple of hecklers we thought the arrival of 3 police cars was a bit over the top

Hanley 2Hanley 3hanley 3

We did leave our mark though…

#StopTheCoup Hanley


Helen Grogan, Staffs4Europe, Rich (@badgerthecat2)
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