Cliff Mitchell, Staffs4Europe - 08/11/2019

Every Fact and Figure You Need to Know About Your Constituency

The Brexti Election 12 December 2019

Constituency Facts and Figures for the General Election 12 December 2019

The team at In Your Area have created a new election tool to keep you up to date with all of the important stats you'll need to know for the upcoming general election on 12th December 2019.

The tool aims breaks down, constituency by constituency, data that truly matters for you to make an informed decision.

For example:

  • Current seats held
  • Turnouts
  • Past winners

It includes the full list of candidates for each constituency.

The elections tool also provides key areas stats including:

  • constituency population figures
  • crime levels
  • immigration
  • cost of living

Plus a whole bunch of interesting and useful economic data.

Have a look for yourself by typing your postcode into the tool below (click the 'change' link to the right of the consituency name at the top) to discover what the key facts and figures are behind your constituency!


Cliff Mitchell, Staffs4Europe with thanks to Thomas. M. Smith, In Your Area
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