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£2.1 to create new wildlife habitats, improve water quality and reduce flooding.

Sixteen urban sites in North Staffordshire are to benefit from a share of £3.6 million of funding – to create new wildlife habitats, improve water quality and reduce flooding.

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PRESS RELEASE - Campaigning in Stoke on Trent for a People’s Vote.

Action Day 9 February Brexitometer

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PRESS RELEASE - Campaigners taking to streets of Stoke-on-Trent North to demand a People’s Vote

Campaigners for a People’s Vote will be out in force in the City Centre and the residential suburbs of Stoke-on-Trent North on Saturday 9th February.

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The Low Carbon Business Evolution Programme (LCBEP) will help businesses across Stoke-on-Trent & Staffordshire LEP reduce their carbon footprint and increase energy efficiency.

Since January 2016 a total of 107 businesses have received advice and support, with over £600,000 being invested in carbon saving technology

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Staffs4Europe Newsletter #4

Newsletter 4 - Staffs4Europe campaigning for a People’s Vote

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EU funding to combat all forms of violence against women and children in Staffordshire

The EMPOWER Project is an innovative and exciting partnership, joining together organisations from 3 different European regions, all working to combat domestic and sexual violence in rural communities. It is supported and funded by the European Union through the DAPHNE III Programme.

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£50K of EU funding for innovative new Moorlands business and education centre

A facility where both teachers and children can see skilled manual trades being demonstrated, whilst linking what they see to what is being learnt and taught in schools.

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£240k in grants helps to create 176 jobs in the Staffordshire region - thanks to the EU

Small and medium sized manufacturers in Staffordshire have created more than 170 new jobs – as part of a programme funded by the EU and designed to help businesses boost performance and increase sales.

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£24.3m of EU funding towards the Etruria Valley regeneration project

Etruria Valley will become ‘a major mixed use area for employment in the south and housing in the north. Improved sustainable transport facilities will be used as a catalyst for a major inward investment offer’.

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£3.5 millions to revitalise Stoke-on-Trent city centre

The EU has contributed £3.5 million since 2013 to this ongoing project that is revitalising the centre's shopping district.

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